We are offering introductory courses in S1000D and XML technical authoring. Our 2 hour modules will teach you the basic skills you need as an author or a manager on an S1000D project, including topics such as:

  • Basic S1000D XML concepts, including Data Modules and the CSDB
  • Data organization in S1000D, including standard numbering systems (SNS)
  • S1000D technical authoring in XML programs
  • Content reuse
  • BREX creation with decision points, and management
  • Applicability and conditionality
  • Use of information sets

We can help you learn transferable skills for use with any S1000D documentation solution. You will quickly become comfortable working in any company's business process - including specialized fields such as naval defense and aerospace, two of the fastest growing markets for S1000D use worldwide.

Availability and Pricing Info 

Currently, three levels of 2 hour course are available, each priced at $200 per user:
  • A crash course covering the basics of S1000D concepts, suitable for anyone who needs a working knowledge of CSDB operation.
  • An advanced course for those starting out with S1000D authoring
  • An expert level course for authors who want to cover in depth skills, as well as managers who need project level knowledge.

Give us a call or send us an email and our representative will contact you shortly after registration to answer your questions and schedule your training if you're interested.