S1000D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

CSDB Studio includes our own IETM viewer module which can be used to publish any of your S1000D content into a fully functional S1000D IETM.


 This versatile electronic manual format can be used to support maintenance operations, training, and more.

Our IETMs include all features included in the S1000D standard, and can be further customized in functionality and data module presentation.

IETMs can be distributed as a software package for hard copy distribution (USB or disc) or can be streamed directly from a central CSDB Studio server to a client's device. Our distribution control features allow you to manage users and their publication subscriptions.

IETMs can be played on PC or Android devices. Major modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are supported.

Our IETM player boasts SVG, CGM, and 3D graphics support including internal & external hotspot links and animations.

Standard IETMs produced with CSDB Studio generally fall into IETM class IV. We can work with you to provide additional functionality tailored to your specific needs. 

For most standard purposes, the license to use & distribute IETMs is directly included in your software license and requires no additional purchase.