CSDB STUDIO is a fully integrated software suite for collaborative S1000D content development and publishing. We support multiple S1000D issues from Issue 5.0 down to Issue 2.3. If your S1000D documentation project requires that you develop or convert your content in compliance with the requirements of the S1000D standard and publish it into S1000D PDF or S1000D IETM formats, then CSDB STUDIO is the most practical and economical tool for your team to use. CSDB STUDIO is an end-to-end S1000D solution for authoringconversion, management and publishing of S1000D-compliant documentation and training/learning materials. Use CSDB STUDIO out-of-the-box or extend it using its CSDB STUDIO Restful API that provides platform-neutral programmatic access to all aspects of CSDB STUDIO Server.

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You can either buy CSDB STUDIO software for perpetual use to run on your own hardware, or alternatively you can go for a monthly subscription and have the server-side run on our hardware in the software-as-a-service (SAAS) mode. In either case CSDB STUDIO is available for Online Evaluation just a few mouse button clicks away!