SiberSafe CMS

 collaborationXML CMS of choice for technical documentation teams producing long-lived, complex, evolving content, SiberSafe delivers a robust and feature-rich environment for the development, management, translation, and maintenance of structured content components with maximum content reuse. Designed specifically for collaborative authoring and collaborative review, SiberSafe increases the efficiency of XML content management - across teams, across organizations, and across linguistic boundaries.

SiberSafe minimizes content costs

SiberSafe supports all major authoring and publication tools, and any JDBC-compliant database, making it the most versatile and flexible XML content management solution available. It includes SiberSafe Communicator, a fully-integrated no-cost XML editor; full menu-level FrameMaker integration (including the Adobe FrameMaker Application Pack for DITA); browser-based review functionality; single source publishing to multiple outputs; and a host of other features to streamline your content processes and performance. In addition, SiberSafe requires no server licensing, and only concurrent client licenses.

  • Integrates with familiar authoring tools (FrameMaker, XMetaL, etc.)
  • Supports any JDBC-compliant database (Oracle, SQL, etc.)
  • Enables single source publishing to multiple outputs (PDF, HTML, etc.)
  • Includes SiberSafe Communicator, a fully-integrated no-cost XML editor
  • Requires no server licensing, and only concurrent client licenses

SiberSafe accelerates content development

SiberSafe's collaboration support accelerates the content development cycle by ensuring that multiple authors can work on the same document with no conflicts and with full traceability. In addition, a unique collaborative review process, critical to the success of many of our customers, prevents duplication of comments, makes comment consolidation more efficient, and shortens the review cycle. SiberSafe's automated content workflow enables team members to focus on their writing or content translation tasks without having to worry about repository operations, and can be tailored to meet each organization's audit and notification needs. SiberSafe also enables task analysis, streamlining the location of reusable topics and accurate, user-focused documentation.

  • Task analysis for accurate, user-focused documentation
  • Conflict-free multi-author collaboration
  • Shorter review cycle via unique collaborative review process
  • Automated content workflow focuses users on content authoring/translation rather than repository operations
  • Content workflow can be tailored to each organization's audit/notification needs

SiberSafe future-proofs content investment

SiberSafe is not burdened with design compromises – whether due to historical origins in SGML; architecture based on documents rather than fragments; or an approach better suited to web site management. Designed from the ground up for XML content components, SiberSafe delivers full support to technical publications teams for industry standards that include DocBook, DITA, S1000D, IETM/IETP, and SCORM.

  • Designed from the ground up for XML content components (no design compromises)
  • Full support for industry standards e.g. DocBook, DITA, S1000D, IETM/IETP, SCORM

Fully scaleable, with installations serving teams of 5-500 authors in defense, aerospace, finance, manufacturing, technology, and more. Fully scaleable SiberSafe solutions are enabling teams of 5-500 authors to better manage their:


Product Information Line

If you have a specific question about our technology, please call our product information line at 905-761-7334 ext 233 from 9am to 5pm EST.

What our customers say:

Barbara J. Reeder, President, SDI Government Solutions:

"The unprecedented flexibility of the SiberSafe solution and the responsiveness of SiberLogic’s team help us to successfully manage the conversion of technical manuals into any of the evolving standards of the Department of Defense Community.”

Cactus May, Manager, Technical Publications, Tokyo Electron:

"We use SiberSafe in a highly collaborative and complex global environment where it has proven to be both a reliable and flexible CMS. Streamlining the workflow from concept to deliverable with features such as conditional and multi-channel publishing has made us better at what we do. We've run SiberSafe through the paces, but SiberLogic have always been ready to turn whatever was hanging us up into the next great, new feature."

William Gill, Solutions Architect, Innovatia:

"Our experience with SiberLogic during our implementation has been very good. The quality of responses we receive go beyond simply correcting any issue but also provide alternatives and best practice suggestions."

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