SiberSafe DITA Team5

SiberSafe DITA Team5 is an optional SERVICE PACKAGE for SiberSafe DITA CMS, offering a turn-key set of implementation services for SiberSafe DITA CMS on a reasonable and affordable fixed budget of $6,000.

SiberSafe DITA Team5 includes the essential implementation services to guide you in your SiberSafe DITA CMS implementation path, such as training, advice and support.


SiberSafe DITA Team5 pricing consists of the following components:

On-line Training service for up to 10 students per class (per day) $1,500
First month Implementation Support subscription (one time) $4,500

The payment schedule consists of three monthly payments of $2,000 covering the implementation support and training services.

E-mail us at or call us at 905-761-6116 for ordering and other inquiries.


Product Information Line

If you have a specific question about our technology, please call our product information line at 905-761-7334 ext 233 from 9am to 5pm EST.


What our customers say:

William Gill, Solutions Architect, Innovatia:

"Our experience with SiberLogic during our implementation has been very good. The quality of responses we receive go beyond simply correcting any issue but also provide alternatives and best practice suggestions."

Philip Vallone, Manager, Technical Documentation, SDI Government Solutions

SDI has been using SiberSafe CMS/CSDB for over 5 years to manage and automate its technical documentation development, maintenance and conversion processes. SDI's business is project-driven and every project comes with its own set of standard compliance requirements. SiberSafe has helped SDI to successfully comply with multiple technical publication standards, including S1000D, MIL-STD-2361 and DITA for our commercial and US DoD clients' projects. SiberSafe has tremendously evolved over the years, helping us meet our diverse project requirements. SiberLogic’s technical support and consulting services have helped us meet the project deadlines in our documentation development and conversion projects.

Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

Open Ratings (Dun & Bradstreet) has independently surveyed multiple SiberLogic's customer accounts and gave SiberLogic high marks for its past performance in a number of business related categories, based on the quality of its products and services. Download a copy of the Open Ratings evaluation report from our website

Managing DITA content


Benefits and challenges of the DITA content model that can be faced by technical documentation teams dealing with complex, long-lived, and evolving material.
Conditional inclusion


How to produce diverse and targeted documents from the same content.
DITA support in SiberSafe

Flash Demo

Overview of SiberSafe’s support for topic-based content creation and management.
SiberSafe integration with the FrameMaker Application Pack for DITA, and the DITA Open Toolkit

Flash Demo

Includes insertion and navigation of conrefs and links from within FrameMaker; and DITA map publication to PDF via the DITA OT with conrefs etc. resolved and rendered.
SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration

Flash Demo

See SiberSafe run from FrameMaker to deliver an effective content management environment for technical documentation.
SiberSafe XLIFF Content Translation and Update

Flash Demo

See how XLIFF facilitates the content translation, update and review process.
Authoring with SiberSafe XMetaL Integration

Flash Demo

Using SiberSafe XMetaL integration allows increasing significantly convenience and effectiveness of authors work.
SiberSafe XML Communicator and DITA

Flash Demo

DITA authoring with SiberSafe’s integral XML editor.
SiberSafe Release Management

White papers

How to address the problem of content management by creating and maintaining multiple content production environments.
SiberSafe DITA Edition


This document describes the various features included in SiberSafe's DITA solution
SiberSafe Styler Datasheet


Learn how to convert XML into PDF with your distinct branding and look-n-feel without XSLT programming. This datasheet describes the features and benefits of SiberSafe Styler
Translation Management


This document decribes SiberSafe's approach to translation managment
WORD ML DITA process flow

This document depicts the process flow when using Word ML and Sibersafe for DITA document processing