SiberSafe Semantics

SiberSafe Semantics is a great foundation for any formal knowledge management solution. If there is a need for a collaborative environment where analysts, subject matter experts, investigators or other knowledge workers can formalize and capture the product of their analysis and the accompanying descriptive materials, whether it be in the medical, financial, engineering or scientific organizations, SiberSafe Semantics can be used as rapid formal knowledge management solution development platform.

SiberSafe Semantics' power as a rapid formal knowledge management solution development/prototyping platform comes from its robust support for RDF/OWL-driven management of highly structured scientific, engineering, financial and regulatory formal knowledge and its supplementary materials, such as descriptions, illustrations, attachments etc. Using SiberSafe Semantics, a collaborative formal knowledge solution can be put together in a matter of days, if not hours, using SiberSafe Semantics' built-in support for web ontologies (OWL/RDF), ontology visualization using different configurable perspectives, automatic generation of ontology-driven editing forms, XML-based authoring of additional structured descriptive materials.

  • Ontology, configuration-driven Content Explorer
  • Ontology, configuration-driven, forms-based Web Portal
  • XML Schema/DTD/CSS-driven XML Editor built into an extendable Eclipse RCP-based framework.
  • XML+RDF Repository with full cache, versioning, transaction, concurrency and access control support
  • Built-in and 3rd party database back-ends, including SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc
  • Prolog-style reasoner with forward and backward rules support
  • Ontology and TTL-template-driven XML content generation engine
  • RDQL query engine
  • Java-based API
  • Javascript-based customization of the user interface
  • Multi-format publishing/rendering engine

Product Information Line

If you have a specific question about our technology, please call our product information line at 905-761-7334 ext 233 from 9am to 5pm EST.