SiberSafe DITA Team5

SiberSafe DITA Team5 is an optional SERVICE PACKAGE for SiberSafe DITA CMS, offering a turn-key set of implementation services for SiberSafe DITA CMS on a reasonable and affordable fixed budget of $6,000.

SiberSafe DITA Team5 includes the essential implementation services to guide you in your SiberSafe DITA CMS implementation path, such as training, advice and support.


SiberSafe DITA Team5 pricing consists of the following components:

On-line Training service for up to 10 students per class (per day) $1,500
First month Implementation Support subscription (one time) $4,500

The payment schedule consists of three monthly payments of $2,000 covering the implementation support and training services.

E-mail us at or call us at 905-761-6116 for ordering and other inquiries.

SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration

Flash Demo

See SiberSafe run from FrameMaker to deliver an effective content management environment for technical documentation.
Authoring with SiberSafe XMetaL Integration

Flash Demo

Using SiberSafe XMetaL integration allows increasing significantly convenience and effectiveness of authors work.
SiberSafe XML Communicator and DITA

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DITA authoring with SiberSafe’s integral XML editor.