SiberLogic delivers XML content management solutions that minimize the costs of content creation and content maintenance, maximize content reuse, accelerate content translation and development, and future-proof content investment
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General: SiberSafe functionality:

Preparing for a successful CMS implementation
Several key factors should be addressed to ensure a successful CMS implementation and rollout. This paper shares some best practices that SiberSafe users have found valuable.

Justifying and integrating a specialized content management system
Technical authoring teams are often asked to justify the use of a specialized departmental CMS when there is already an Enterprise CMS (ECMS) in place. Why can’t the ECMS be used to manage technical documentation? This paper outlines the reasons, and how the two platforms can interoperate.

Managing DITA content
Benefits and challenges of the DITA content model that can be faced by technical documentation teams dealing with complex, long-lived, and evolving material.

SiberSafe Release Management
How to address the problem of content management by creating and maintaining multiple content production environments.

SiberSafe Index Term Management
Outlining an efficient content referencing system that builds on the concept of Index Tables.

Translation support in SiberSafe
SiberSafe tools that streamline the translation of product documentation into different languages.

Applications of SiberSafe: Working with SiberSafe:

Reducing the cost of XML publishing transformations
How SiberSafe Styler lowers the cost of developing and maintaining XML publishing transformations.

S1000D compliance via efficient knowledge management
Some of the unique ways in which SiberSafe S1000D Edition – a standards-based XML content and knowledge management solution – streamlines the development and delivery of S1000D-compliant information.

Developing interactive courseware
A fast, economically efficient methodology for multimedia courseware production.

Training-enabled, SCORM-compliant reference manuals
Collaborative development of integrated reference manual and training course materials in an industry environment.

Training-enabled, SCORM-compliant IETMs
Collaborative development of integrated technical manual and training course materials in a military environment.

Training-enabled, SCORM-compliant textbooks
Collaborative development of integrated textbook and training course materials in an educational environment.

SiberSafe XML/RDF/OWL-based Content & Knowledge Management
Set of features that facilitate EPSS/AI-enabled tools and Knowledge Base.

Document production workflow
How SiberSafe’s content-centric workflow makes document review more efficient and improves the overall quality of produced content.

Recommended information architecture
One way to organize information in a technical authoring team in order to maximize the potential for reuse.

Reuse strategies with SiberSafe
SiberSafe mechanisms that enable extensive and easily controllable content reuse.

SiberSafe workflow engine
How the SiberSafe workflow engine helps XML authoring teams deliver quality content on time and on budget.

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