Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

SiberLogic recently received an evaluation from OpenRatings which graded the company’s past performance in a number of business related categories.

This report was created using a number of response surveys compiled from five companies which have been, or continued to be, customers of SiberLogic in the recent past. Each one of these projects surveyed took place on a significant scale and represents a large investment of time and resources on the part of SiberLogic’s staff.
Overall performance assessment was rated highly. The strongest performance category related to the effectiveness of the company’s Personnel, primarily covering general professionalism.
SiberLogic also performed particularly strongly in the categories of Business Relations, which denotes the ease of continuing a positive business relationship with a company; and responsiveness, which describes the speed and effectiveness of their team’s responses to requests for information or work

Download a copy of the report from our website


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