SiberSafe 6.4.1 build 2017 is released


Support for new standards, such as DITA 1.2 and MIL-STD-2361D, as well as much extended support for S1000D V4 are just some of the many new exciting features released as part of SiberSafe 6.4.1.

We have dramatically improved both the performance and scalability of SiberSafe CMS. Our new, fully integrated authoring environment, SiberSafe Author Studio, now features many convernience and productivity enhancements. SiberSafe CMS can now host the published electronic output, whether it be the PDF, Knowledge Base or IETM format. SiberSafe's unique semantic modelling UI has been extended with the ontology-driven data entry portal. Using the new ontology -driven data entry portal we have extended our support of S1000D with the safety and compliance management features.

We have added XSL-FO-based PDF output capability (in addition to the traditional Word-based one) to our DITA, S1000D and 2361 implementations. We have optimized our S1000D IETM and MIL-2361 viewers for the use on mobile devices and included 3D interactivity support.

We have added the integration with the popular oXygen editor and a new content classification mechanism. We now support XML-DB-based indexing and XQuery search capabilities.

We have enhanced our S1000D transformation process productivity and also created a new PDF-based transformation venue, as well as improved our S1000D interchange protocol support.

Overall, SiberSafe 6.4.1 is out with about 80 new features and over 300 enhancements, both generic and standard-specific, including S1000D, DITA and MIL-2361-related ones.

Please see our release notes for more details


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