S1000D PDF

SiberSafe CSDB's publishing framework is integrated with a number of state-of-the-art  rendering tools and is open for user-defined extensions. Out-of-the-box, SiberSafe CSDB comes with its S1000D-compliant PDF/Word rendering mechanism that will produce standard-compliant printable output from your S1000D content stored in our CSDB.

SiberSafe Styler

Using our SiberSafe Styler template editor/generator, you can customize the look-and-feel of the published output by editing the default S1000D rendering template that won't require any programming and can be done simply in Microsoft Word, using its intuitive formatting user interface.


SiberSafe IETM publishing mechanism and IETM Viewer offer the documentation user the S1000D-compliant IETM navigation experience that includes proper rendering of various data module types, TOC browsing, full text search, user session and log-in support. Rendered by SiberSafe IETM Viewer, your CGM hotspots will be clickable and will take you to other modules or figures/fragments within those modules.

IETM Data Module Classification

Optionally, our IETM Viewer will classify different types of your data modules and show them on different tabs, so that the maintenance specialist can easily navigate only maintenance-related modules while the operator will only navigatethrough the operational procedures.

IETM Annotations

Our IETM Viewer fully supports all types of IETM annotations required by the standard, including local, personal and global annotations. We also offer a unique Annotation Exchange mechanism that allows IETM users to export annotations from one IETM Viewer as a single file, send it over to another location and import them into another IETM Viewer provided it has the same IETM installed. Annotations gathered this way from multiple IETM users can be accumulated and reviewed in a single IETM Viewer or managed as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

IETM Performance Mode

IETM Performance Mode suggested by the S1000D standard is fully implemented in SiberSafe IETM Viewer allowing the IETM user to navigate IETMs step-by-step, return to the previous step, cleary see the steps already performed as check-marked, branch into sub-procedures and return to back to the branching point, retain the current position upon closing and re-opening IETM Viewer.

IETM Audit Trail

Our IETM Viewer maintains full audit-trail of every single action performed by the user for those environments where full audit-trail is a mandatory requirement.

IETM-based Printing

Any data module can be easily printed out from the IETM Viewer in a standard-compliant format with the headers and footers generated as the standard requires.

IETM Illustrations and Hostpots

Illustraion handling in our viewer includes full support for CGM-based vector graphics, tear-off illustration windows, automatic synchronization of the graphic and text panes, zoom-in/out functions, full bi-directional hotspot support (from hotspot to text, from text to hotspot, from hotspot to hotspot and from text to text), CSN references, DM references and local cross-references.

What our customers say:

Barbara J. Reeder, President, SDI Government Solutions:

"The unprecedented flexibility of the SiberSafe solution and the responsiveness of SiberLogic’s team help us to successfully manage the conversion of technical manuals into any of the evolving standards of the Department of Defense Community.”

Philip Vallone, Manager, Technical Documentation, SDI Government Solutions

SDI has been using SiberSafe CMS/CSDB for over 5 years to manage and automate its technical documentation development, maintenance and conversion processes. SDI's business is project-driven and every project comes with its own set of standard compliance requirements. SiberSafe has helped SDI to successfully comply with multiple technical publication standards, including S1000D, MIL-STD-2361 and DITA for our commercial and US DoD clients' projects. SiberSafe has tremendously evolved over the years, helping us meet our diverse project requirements. SiberLogic’s technical support and consulting services have helped us meet the project deadlines in our documentation development and conversion projects.

Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

Open Ratings (Dun & Bradstreet) has independently surveyed multiple SiberLogic's customer accounts and gave SiberLogic high marks for its past performance in a number of business related categories, based on the quality of its products and services. Download a copy of the Open Ratings evaluation report from our website